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JavaSok is a custom drink holder made to fit your favorite brand and size of iced coffee.

Made from thick, insulating 4MM neoprene that hugs to-go cups tightly and seals in moisture, the soft and cushy JavaSok provides a natural barrier to the elements. It ensures that your drinks will stay cold for longer, and your hands will stay warm and dry.

It’s also machine washable, and comes in multiple colors, designs, and sizes – the perfect gift for frozen beverage drinkers.

Creators and year-round iced coffee fans, David and Marlee Laks, were not enthused with plastic cups sweating on their tables, desks, nightstands, and coasters, leaving puddles and rings of water from the condensation.

They were also frustrated by the cups dripping on their clothes whilst driving or during work, as well as the chill of carrying their preferred icy beverage outdoors in the frigid New Jersey winter. When they couldn’t find a suitable solution to the problem, the couple decided to take matters into their own hands.

Initially making sleeves just for themselves, the couple were soon inundated with requests from people asking where they could get one for themselves.

“There are a variety of interesting customizations [on the JavaSok site], including real-time popups of customers who recently purchased, the ability to change the color/size of the product within the cart, [as well as] cart notifications (e.g. get 20% off by adding 3 or more).”
– FreshySites, developers

Keep condensation from icy drinks in check, and off of your hands and surface with JavaSok.

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