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Healthy Meals Supreme

Healthy Meals Supreme is a meal plan service delivering healthy meals to your door.

They are the first national, culinary medicine-inspired, scientific research-based, and freshly prepared home delivery meal service in the United States.

Menus are designed to remove the guilt and help you feel good about following guidance received from your doctor, trainer, or nutritionist. The Healthy Meals Supreme team do all of the shopping, calculations, measuring, and cooking for you. “Heat it and eat it” – it’s that simple.

Customers are able to search meal plans according to specific dietary requirements – diabetes, heart, Alzheimers – and view gluten-free, low sodium, and veggie options.

All meals are prepared in Healthy Meals Supreme’s own kitchens, not by third-party distributors. They strictly follow the nutritional guidelines from the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, and The National Kidney Foundation.

The company’s origin story began in 1996 when pharmacist, Joe Martinez (RPh, PDE, PPC), discovered he had diabetes. After “a roller coaster ride of frustrating twists and turns”, he concluded that there had to be a better, simpler way to achieve good health.

Joe knew from his own experience how challenging it could be to plan, shop for, and prepare fresh, healthy, and tasty meals that he’d actually want to eat. At the time, healthy and convenient items you could quickly pop into the microwave didn’t exist.

He decided to create these options himself, with Healthy Meals Supreme debuting to the public in December 2018.

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