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GhostBed is a value-for-money mattress offering the best balance between comfort and long-term support.

Providing high-quality, affordable sleep products featuring expert craftsmanship and superior materials, GhostBed believes its key to success is providing the best possible purchasing experience for its customers.

CEO Marc Werner realized that mattress shopping can be a real nightmare for customers. With so many mattresses to choose from and far-from-helpful salespeople standing over you during quick “sleep tests” in the showroom, mattress shopping can be confusing and frustrating. Customers feel pressured to make the right decision, but have no idea which mattress they should choose.

Additionally, Werner had also been through three neck surgeries. He knew what it was like to live and sleep in constant pain, unable to find a comfortable pillow and mattress to support his neck and back.

Aiming to solve these problems, Werner created the GhostBed mattress in a box, allowing you to skip the showroom altogether and find your perfect mattress without ever leaving home.

“What’s the point of creating something if it’s not going to solve a problem or fill a gap?”
– Marc Werner, CEO

Named for Werner’s fear of ghosts under his bed as a child, the GhostBed perfectly conforms to your body, providing optimal support for the perfect night’s sleep. It was developed using more than 35 years of mattress design experience, the best materials, and skilled American craftsmanship

With top quality latex and gel memory foam and a commitment to never take shortcuts, GhostBed guarantees your sleep satisfaction with an industry-leading 20-year warranty. The company goes one better than the awkward “10-second showroom test” with their 101-Night Sleep Trial, giving you the time you need to try out the bed in the comfort of your own home.

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