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Festicap is a reusable, universal bottle cap used by thousands of festival-goers worldwide.

This colorful, practical solution came about after its founders grew frustrated at having to juggle their mobile phones and cap-less bottles – without spilling the liquid within – at various music festivals in the Netherlands.

Many festivals and concert venues serve drinks in bottles without a cap for health and safety reasons, but this can lead to spilled drinks or dirty bottles with wasted liquid if dropped.

Festicaps seal almost any bottled drink and are conveniently stored on a keychain or carabiner hook. 3D printed using biodegradable materials, these handy accessories are available in various eye-catching colors such as cactus green and flamingo pink.

Customers can choose from limited edition, collectable variants in different shapes to reflect their personality, as well as the original, versatile Festicap. There’s even a Pro version that comes complete with handy storage section for ear plugs – perfect for those extra loud events.

A Festicap seals each bottle securely and is simple to use, allowing you to dance, run, and jump around without splashing your water or soft drink everywhere.

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