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Dutch Brands Collective

Dutch Brands Collective is a marketplace website for small upcoming brands in the Netherlands.

Why choose Dutch design? Well, it’s known for being simple, pragmatic, functional, and powerful. Aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching, it’s also renowned for its sense of humor.

Dutch Brands Collective was founded by Laila Veerman, herself a graphic and product designer. Realizing how difficult it is for small, independent designers to sell their products to stores outside of the Netherlands, she hopes to bring supply and demand closer together with one accessible online store.

A one-stop wholesale shop, you can expect only the best handpicked home, kids, stationery, and gift items in a carefully curated collection. The main benefit? Order products from several different small brands in one place, and save on both time and shipping.

We customized the design to include special features such as displaying each brand on the product page. A special registration process was developed for wholesalers, as well as a custom checkout process.
– Progressus, developers

All orders are shipped out once a month in order keep these costs as low as possible for customers.

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