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Disconnect is an online store for beautiful, independent magazines.

Visitors from all over Europe can purchase high-quality magazines and have them delivered to their home.

Founded in February 2018 by Nicolas Bussière, Disconnect proposes an alternative to the excess screen time so prevalent in this day and age by providing quality reading material from great editors directly to customers. The site itself is designed to reflect the same luxury showcased in each magazine.

“An independent magazine…no longer refers to a staple-bound packet passed around in rock ‘n’ roll venues or high-school hallways, but rather any work of ‘slow journalism,’ which can be thought of as the spiritual antithesis of clickbait.”
– Walker Loetscher

You won’t find typical mainstream publications on these virtual magazine racks: Customers can choose from respected indies such as Kinfolk, The Gourmand, and Fantastic Man. All orders are shipped from Paris, France from Monday to Friday.

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