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Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest delivers frozen, organic, ready-to-blend smoothies. We have 10 flavors of nutritionist developed, blends that make it easy to whip up a fresh smoothie anytime. Each blend is balanced with fruits, veggies, omegas and fiber and comes in a cup that makes it easy to “blend and go.”

Their store, powered by WooCommerce, allows users to make up their own Daily Harvest blend by combing various products (a blend, a liquid base (water, almond milk, coconut water) etc and blending to create their order, before checking out. Even better? With the Subscriptions extension, users can opt int to get their blends delivered every month.

They do all the hard work of shopping, washing, chopping, portioning and getting the recipe right, and user can order exactly the blend they like with a little help from Woo.

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