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Cavour is a high-end menswear store for customers with a taste for quality Italian clothes and an excellent shopping experience.

Back in 2013, brothers, Sebastian and Richard Scharnke, decided that it was time to take their passion for well-made, Italian clothing to the next level.

Their goal was to produce ready-to-wear garments with a custom-made feel at affordable prices, combining the handcrafted class of the menswear industry in Italy with a Scandinavian aesthetic. This new endeavor aimed to fill the niche that existed between established Scandinavian brands and the high-end Italian labels available on the Nordic market at the time.

After countless hours spent sourcing and prototyping, the brothers debuted their first collection. With the backing of Norwegian retailers and enthusiastic floor staff, their suits and jackets found their way onto the shelves of the best menswear stores around Norway.

Today, Cavour is more than a brand, with several retail stores located in Oslo, and international expansion in the works.

Their label sits alongside some of the most highly regarded names in menswear: Cesare Attolini, Canali, Ring Jacket, Edward Green, Crockett & Jones, Rota and Saint Crispin’s, to name a few.

In addition to an extensive ready-to-wear selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories, Cavour also offer 100% made-to-measure pieces – both from Cesare Attolini, and their very own label. Many of these hand-stitched garments are created in Tuscany, with canvas suits, blazers, and coats crafted in Rome and Naples.

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